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General conditions for the use of Look Page


Look Page is completely free to use, you may choose to be seen more by purchasing banner ads and other marketing materials as you wish. LookPage is a search tool on the web that ties together different sectors and creates contacts between officials and suppliers on the other customers. Providers are invited to advertise on LookPage, and shall pay for this service subscription fee in accordance with the conditions of the main contract.


This Agreement/ User Agreement / describe conditions for use of the services offered at www.lookpage.comand its subdomains. The service provided by Page Look AB, Johan Skyttes Väg200, 125 34 Stockholm International. To use the service requires the user to take note of and accept the agreement by accepting the same in connection with registration. Then this site is intended for traders take user agreement did not pay particular attention to such regulation to be applied to contracts between traders and consumers. In cases where the vendor marketing service or product for sale to the consumer commits users to these contractual relationships take into account current consumer legislation.Representatives of traders certifies by acceptance of the User Agreement to power and authority to sign the agreement exists,


All subscriptions are current contracts. Unless otherwise agreed, the term of the agreement for the operation of services of the contract period selected by the user upon registration. If the contract is terminated, and the termination is not counter party later than 30 days before the contract expires Agreement is automatically renewed with the period that the user originally selected. If notice is given after the entrance new contract will not be reimbursed for the input period. The user is responsible for documenting that the correct address is set to Look Page.


Look Page is completely free to use, you may choose to be seen more by purchasing banner ads and other marketing materials as you wish. Fees charge are per contract period. Payment terms are net 14 days unless otherwise agreed. If not been paid in full no later than fourteen (14) days after the reminder will put the customer at the address specified the same one, owns Lookpage right to immediately terminate the services contracted, leaving the requirement for collection action. Payment interest at 20% from the due date until paid in full. Look Page reserves the right to additionally charge the statutory reminder fees and collection costs. Look Page entitled to the credit information companies collect information about users' financial conditions prior commissioned service started.


Look Page is responsible for the operation of the agreed with the customer service.

In the event of outages or traffic obstruction errors committed Look Page promptly after the error message to the user begin remedying defects. Responsibility for the outage is limited to errors of resulting, in whole or in part, can beat tributed to user error or that otherwise look beyond Page's control. The downtime should not be considered interruptions that occur during periods of scheduled maintenance of networks or other equipment. Planned maintenance to be carried out at times that minimize the risk of reduced access to the user ..For extensive or time-consuming steps, users are notified before action is taken.


Look Page Ltd has the right to assign this agreement to a legal entity. Users do not have the right to assign the contract. Look Page reserves the right to Look Page so decide to make changes to the User Agreement. Changes notified users by notification via the email address or by notice posted to the site. Existing users will be bound by the announced changes in the contract 30 days after the day the announcement is made. Special provisions apply for the change of the subscription fees as agreed under master agreement.


Look Page is a meeting place for suppliers and their customers. Look Page is not responsible under any circumstances for events that occur or agreements made after the contact established between supplier and customer.

Once contact is established, discussions, business transactions, contract bonds and payments deemed to have taken place outside the site, and without the participation ofLook Page.


Look Page has no obligation to review, control or monitor the information recorded by the user of the web service. By accepting the User Agreement accept users to bear the risk that the information on the website is inaccurate, harmful, misleading or may be perceived as offensive, and disclaims user Look Page from liability for acts or omissions arising as a result of use of the website.


Users must be in connection with user registration enter Company name, company, address,email address and password, and are responsible for information about the user identity is kept secret and ensure that no one other than the user is granted the opportunity to use the identity when logging on Look Page.


Look Page is the personal data responsibly and has an obligation to follow the rules of theData Protection Act. Authorized representative of the supplier provides the approval of the Agreement consent to personal and corporate information recorded on the website will be published.Users also acknowledges Look Page publishes customer reviews and credit reviews.


Look Page bears no responsibility for failure to meet its obligations under thisAgreement due to circumstances Look Page can not control, or have not been able to predict, including but not limited to, lightning, flood, fire, labor dispute, act of terrorism, war, government regulations, decree or government regulations, overload of the Internet, errors in other networks, system failures or unlawful refusal to supply from Page Look's suppliers.


Users are not permitted to solicit, offer, make or pay for services that are illegal or contrary to law, rules, regulation or court order. Users are not permitted to solicit or market products that are illegal to transfer. By accepting the UserAgreement, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding service offerings and offering for sale of goods and / or arrangements for payment for the service or product.


User information and activity on this site may not:

  • be false,inaccurate, or misleading
  • be offensive, threatening, defamatory, or conflict with copyright, confidence,privacy or other rights.
  • infringe any third party intellectual property rights, disclose any trade, or be in violation of publicity rights or the protection of privacy.
  • be fraudulent or illegal provision of services or goods
  • contravene applicable laws or regulations
  • be obscene,indecent or contain pornography
  • have apurpose other than to provide services and goods
  • via the UserInformation link directly to such service or be prohibited by the UserAgreement


Users who register user information on the site, you agree to Look Page has the right to use and publish the same, and allows the text and any images published without restriction or compensation.


Look Page cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service when the operation of the Site may exceptionally be affected by factors outside LookPage's control. Site and look Pages's services are provided in "as is," which means Look Page does not guarantee availability or proper operation at any time.


Unless otherwise expressly provided, any complaints or comments or messages

regarding the service sent by e-mail to Look Page Ltd, Dåntorpsvägen 33, 13650 Jordbro.


User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes relating to the Agreement, its implementation and interpretation shall be settled by the Stockholm District Court

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